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Key West to Cuba - 90 miles of swim workouts
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Key West to Cuba Swim Workout Book Key West to Cuba! 

These swimmers, along with six others not pictured, swam 90 miles of pool workouts, the distance from Key West to Cuba.  Aidan, front row, fourth from left, used his swim to raise money for Angels for Allison, Soles for Souls, and the Refugee Learn to Swim Program.  All of the kids worked hard to complete this goal!  Kerry, on the other hand, still has a ways to go.

Key West to Cuba - 90 miles of swim workouts

  • Learn new stroke tips, drills, and interesting facts

  • Drop the book in your swim bag, toss it in the pool gutter, or pack it in your suitcase (tips on working out in a motel pool  are included)

  • Connect with others swimming the book!

This 67 page swim workout book includes:

63 workouts, ranging from 200 yards to 4,200 yards - perfect for swimmers of all levels (and coaches who want a break from writing today's workout)

- Swim this workout book and you'll cover the distance from Key West to Cuba! - Stroke tips, drills, and fun facts throughout the book!

- Key words in bold type correspond to stroke information and tips*

- "Lane ropes" change color to track your progress as you move through the book

- GOAL ORIENTED - Once you start swimming the book, you won't want to stop till you get to Cuba!

- This workout book will become your constant swimming companion

- Meet new friends who are swimming the book throughout the country (and beyond)!

Triathletes - Make swimming the easiest part of your race

Masters Swimmers - Don't interrupt training - take this book on vacation

Fitness Swimmers - Break the boredom with workouts that are fun to do

Kids - When your coach isn't looking, sneak in a third daily workout

New to the Sport? This swim workout book will guide you through

*The swim tips are free. You will only be charged for the workouts.

Swim the book. Get fit. That's it.

Key West to Cuba -- 90 Miles of Swim Workouts is a goal oriented, spiral flipbook. If you're new to the sport, this book will guide you through.  If you're an experienced swimmer, quickly run through the early workouts to reach your normal training yardage.

The workouts progress in difficulty level.  Feel free to change intervals, substitute drills, or combine sets.  After completing all the workouts, you'll have covered a distance of 90 miles -- the distance from Key West to Cuba.

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Swim Workout Book

Key West to Cuba:
90 Miles of Swim Workouts
by Kerry Wick

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